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Farmington Ski Club!

Serving ice cold fun for an eleventh of a century

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Welcome to the Farmington Ski Club Store. BEFORE ordering tickets, you MUST complete the Member Registration Form.



Students in grades 5-8 attending school in Farmington or Farmington Hills can make their ski trip reservations and pay for tickets online by 8:00pm on Wednesday each week if they want to ski on Friday night. Sorry, due to the size of the club and Alpine Valley's advance order requirements, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to the Wednesday 8pm deadline.

You must purchase a $10 Ski Club Membership here at the store BEFORE your first ski trip (the purple icon at the bottom of this page). It makes our bookkeeping life easier if you don't combine the membership fee with your ski trip payment:) Members MUST purchase one member ticket (blue), and may purchase additional tickets for siblings or guests (red), or adults (green). Snowboard tickets have a dark bar on the bottom. Chaperone/Adult rental equipment items (purple, last page) are available until Thursday nights.

If your student will not be riding the bus in either or both directions, please let us know by email at after checkout.

Please note that your advance purchase must include all of your requirements for the week - lift ticket, lesson and rentals for members, siblings/guests and adults. HELMETS ARE REQUIRED. Helmet rentals cannot be ordered in advance. Your student should bring cash ($10) if renting a helmet. You may wish to purchase a helmet from any of our local sporting goods or warehouse stores (usually around $35-50).

There are 21 different ticket options, and two choices for Advanced Patch (Expert) Lessons. Please SELECT CAREFULLY. We will be purchasing in advance exactly what you order. Within a few moments after checkout, you will receive an email receipt from with details of your order. If you don't see it, check your spam box.

IMPORTANT When dropping off students at the bus, parents should not leave until their child has been checked-in. Please bring a copy of your email receipt to Friday night drop off in case there is any confusion about your order. THIS RESERVATION WILL BE UNDER THE STUDENT'S LAST NAME YOU ENTERED DURING THE CHECKOUT PROCESS.

2020 Farmington Ski Club Membership Fee

2020 Farmington Ski Club Membership Fee


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